Epic Winter Approaching

We spent halloween at the hut and the snow is starting to accumulate.  We were able to drive nearly all  the way to the hut, but had to hike the last 400 yards.  I’m sure that conditions are quickly changing with the snowfalls that we are getting this week.  So if you book a trip in for November, be prepared to ski or snowshoe at least part of the way.  If you get into the trees, particularly on the South Park side of Weston Pass, you might find some early lines.  The hut is starting to fill up for key dates in December and January, but there is still lots of room.  Secure your stay and winter adventure by booking soon!


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Winter is Coming

Ski areas are starting to open and the snow is starting to fall.  This is all great news for us, as it means many people will have a chance to incorporate Weston Pass Hut into their backcountry adventures.  Although the hut wasn’t quite finished last year, we were able to utilize it in the winter for personal use.  It is truly an amazing place in the winter.  The trek in took us a little over four hours, but it could take longer depending upon the conditions.  Although the wind was fierce and the weather was cold, the hut was a complete sanctuary.  It wasn’t too long before some of us were hanging out in our t-shirts and sharing stories over beers.  We cooked a great dinner, and just enjoyed the complete isolation that the hut offers.  The next day was filled with backcountry skiing and mountain adventure.

We are open for business

At the end of August we had some great volunteers help us in our final preparations for guests.  With the help of our volunteers, we stocked the woodshed and moved the rest of our construction equipment from the site.  Now our woodshed is literally overflowing with firewood, and we are ready for a comfortable fall and winter no matter the temperature outside.

The weekend was a great time to get some work done, but also enjoy the hut.  Our primary goal with building this hut is to facilitate the adventures of many in a beautiful high mountain setting.  So it was great to share the hut with others, and we hope that all of the volunteers will come back with only recreation on their mind.  We are certainly excited that after a long construction period, the hut is now accepting guests.


Stocked with Firewood